Mrs. Gindu Ruxandra Elena’s Law Office, member of Bucharest Bar Association since 1999, member of International Lawyer Asssociation, is specialized in real estate business law, providing full legal assistance to its clients, if they are interested to purchase or develop buildings or buy/sell land in Romania (participation in negotiations, writing contracts, assisting at the conclusion of the sale-purchase documents for land, new buildings or to be demolished, further rental, representation in the procedures of authorization for constructions, representation / assistance at the conclusion of the real estate development contracts, of retail sale/purchase from the project stage of new buildings, representation at the re-sale of the investment, including drawing the necessary papers). Gindu Ruxandra Law Office also cooperates with Romanian legal experts in the real estate field, and can provide expertise in selecting offers of sizeable land based on a legal and economic risk analysis. The Law Office has within its portfolio real estate agencies, private persons and companies owning buildings, and has a practical experience of eight years in both legal assistance and in property litigations in Romania, including representation in Romanian courts, including High Court of Cassation and Justice.The Law Office is cooperating with few public notaries offices in Bucharest, necessary to conclude legally any real estate business in Romania.

As it’s mentioned above the law office works for various legal analysis and statements, proposals, assessments, to correct the contracts for its clients. Our law office is specialized in issues of civil, business (corporate and obligation) and financial law as well as issues connected to enforcement of claims; we hired attorneys for legal advising and for representing in Romanian Courts (all jurisdiction) or in front of other Romanian public authorities.

The office is located in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, it’s currently composed of the Senior Partner, Mrs.Gindu Ruxandra Elena, and four associate lawyers, three from them are Senior Lawyers and one Junior Lawyer, with a good motivation of work, all of them speaking English; the Law Office has 12 years of practice in corporate law, civil law - real estate and investments law, financial law, insurance law, securities law, public acquisition.

Our services in the real estate property field are the following:

Private property protection

Gindu Ruxandra Elena’s Law Office performs legal advising activities and representing activities at the Romanian Courts for its Clients in the following domains also :


registration and authorization of traders’ functioning activities, drawing up constitutive acts of the trading companies , modifying constitutive acts of the trading companies, counseling in procedure of dissolution, merging and division  of the trading companies, legal advising activities for companies’ management, in respect of shareholders’ matters, of commercial contracts(contracts of purchase, joint venture contracts, leasing contract, insurance contracts, delivery contracts etc.), Clients’ representing in front of Romanian Trade Register at operations for  shareholders registration in stock ledge.


activities of Client’s assistance at negotiations of contracts, activities of drawing up, amending and following up the prior execution of the following contracts :contracts of purchase, joint venture contracts, leasing contract, insurance contracts, delivery contracts, banking contracts, contracts for work of civil and engineering construction based on FIDIC rules, contracts for publishing, for advertising, franchising contracts,  etc.)

     drawing up legal opinions about risks of the contract, methods of payments, transfer of property, security of payment, legal explaining of clauses of the contract 


-representing creditors/ debtors in the bankruptcy procedure at Romanian Courts as barrister, drawing up application for bancruptcy procedure or complaint against procedure, assistance for administrators in the assumption of their responsibility for the bancrupted company.

      Liquidating the companies with debts for declaration of bankruptcy or bankrupt on basis of Mrs. Ruxandra Gindu’s certification as liquidator.


    Legal opinion about tender documents, preparation of tenders, security of payment, tender security form, drafts, conditions of contract, contract agreement.





Gindu Ruxandra Law Office has experience to work with clients from Romania and abroad ( USA, Greece, Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain) in the fields of activities it is specialized in this document and has professional cooperation with law offices from Australia, USA, Germany.

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